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Born in South Africa and living in Vancouver since his teens, Tony Dean Smith is a Director & Writer – known for his visual and elegant camerawork, grounded performances and sharp sense of story.  His feature-film directorial debut, VOLITION, is an elevated sci-fi thriller that has swept up awards across the world, receiving rave reviews – and has been flatteringly compared to MEMENTO, LOOPER, and BLACK MIRROR.  He was the youngest director on the acclaimed television series ROBSON ARMS (3 episodes), helmed the series pilot for HEALTH NUTZ and has written and directed multiple long form movies, including “Love Under The Rainbow” for Hallmark, the stylish Lifetime thriller “The Killer Downstairs” along with the upcoming “Guesthouse Affairs” and “The College Killer.”  A life-long camera nerd and storyboard artist, his ability to see the edit before the shoot allows him to save hours of production time, doubly aided by his background as an award-winning picture editor.  As an actor of stage (yes, jazz hands) and screen (X-FILES, POLTERGEIST), Tony’s sense of character, precision and playfulness are always present, giving him unparalleled comfort on set – allowing truly authentic and courageous collaboration between his fellow producers, actors and crew.  But the beginning of Tony Dean’s cinema-obsession began a long time ago…

After making multiple short films through his teenage years, Tony Dean (the child of a magician) embarked on writing/directing a pre-film-school digital-feature called, “The Other Side of Being,” a sensitive, Twilight Zone-styled thriller, which sent him into his formal film training with first-hand understanding of long-form filmmaking.  He then graduated as an award-winning film student before earning the Director’s Guild of Canada “Kickstart” award, which funded his 35mm short film, “Reflection,” a paranormal drama.  The short went on to earn five Leo Award nominations (including best picture, director, cinematography and male/female performances) and First Prize at the Spiritual Cinema Festival, run by Producer Stephen Deutsch (“What Dreams May Come”).  In his past life, Tony Dean’s strong story sense and technical dexterity also saw him cut his teeth as an award-winning editor, shaping over 100 hours of features, indie-films and TV movies for companies such as Netflix, NBC/Universal, 20th Century Fox, Syfy, Hallmark Channel, Lifetime and for Neill Blomkamp’s Oats Studios.